The Coffee Analysis Project

Welcome to the archives of CAP posts! I started analyzing people’s coffee photos in 2015, back when Facebook was still a thing and they’d sometimes show my author page to followers. I still have those documents somewhere I think, and might eventually republish those here, but for now we’ll focus on new entries. If you want to submit a photo for your free “personality analysis,” send a picture of your morning cuppa, along with a little background for context, to I might have a few follow-up questions for you, but for the most part I’ll stick to the photo. Brave enough to try? Read on to see what you’re in for.

Coffee Analysis Project #5

What’s Sanskrit for ‘coffee?’

This edition of the CAP is brought to you by LB in Wagoner, OK

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Coffee Analysis Project #4

‘Sup from the Valley!

Today’s submission is from ME, in “THE VALLEY”…

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CAP #3

Aloha from New Zealand!

This one is brought to us by DW, hardcore Kiwi…

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CAP #2

Good morning, sunshine!

CAP #2 was submitted by AB in Broken Arrow, OK!

CAP #1 is at the bottom of this post.