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  • You understand that the more we can comprehend (and maybe be entertained by?) someone else’s perspective, the more compassion we can develop for our fellow humans

  • You’re curious about what life looks like to a person who was diagnosed as being on the spectrum in their 50s, which, as you might imagine, produced a large existential explosion when shock, understanding, sadness, and redemption collided in a therapist’s office

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When I’m not trying to learn how Substack works, I write stories, edit stories, and teach a little yoga. I live in Oklahoma, but was born and raised in Southern California and that will forever be my home, in my heart anyway. Until I buy my own island, then that will totally be my home.

I’m also the niece of Francis and Eleanor Coppola and am so appreciative of them for so many reasons, mainly for being such inspiring humans. But please don’t tell them I’ve never seen The Godfather all the way through.

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GenX humor writer overthinking the awkwardness of all the things from a neurodivergent perspective.


Andrea C. Neil
I write stories and overthink things. Not necessarily in that order.